Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black-I - Where I'm From (VLS)

Released in 2000 on Real Recordings Canada.......

Black-I - Where I'm From


  1. Peace Hawkone.

    This is Buggs. We recorded "Where I'm From" in January, 2000. "2 of The Best" was recorded late August, 1999. There is a lot of history behind these records.

    Let me say that that Black-I passed away in 2006, but his best friend DRK is still around. I spoke to DRK a few days ago. These two cats are Toronto legends. It was a great time making these records.

    Thanks for posting this. This record made a massive impact in Toronto. A lot of rappers had to change their style after this record came out. Thanks again.

  2. Frankieand Derek were two very good friends of mine and i just only found out today that Frankie passed away. Black I was easily a rennaisance man in the world of REAL Hip Hop cuz dude was by far one of the best dancers outta Canada, he rhymed with flare and finesse and honed skills in both djing and beatmakin'. R.I.P. star thanx for the memories and the opportunity to have shared parts of my walk with you. Peace.

  3. Could you re-up the tracks from this 12"? Megaupload is down for good...thanks.

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